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Ray Anthony and Associates.

Internet Marketing & Advertising Strategies For The 21st Century.
Internet marketing and advertising is the key to any mid-sized business success. The internet is the place where any business will thrive or fail based upon your approach to an advertising campaign  There is simply no ignoring the the internet and its complexity in the world today. It has integrated itself into everything we are and own. Products and services advertise on the internet to achieve their competitive edge. So how then, with billions of companies attempting to acquire your business can any one company stand out and be competitive? 
First to answer the question you must understand the basics of the why we use the search engine. Here is a brief explanation of the three types of internet searches that will result in the sale of a product or service.
There are three types of searches that users conduct:


Informational searches are those where users are focused on finding an answer to their question, insights on the issue they are dealing with, and guidance to simply get things done. Information-based queries are likely the bulk of most websites organic search (perhaps even paid search) traffic and the majority of your evergreen content optimization efforts will focus almost exclusively on these type of search terms and phrases. To actually optimize for these type of searches, consider developing content that answers questions, explains topics and showcases solutions to common challenges. Solving the informational query challenge can be achieved by focusing on Knowledge-Based Optimization. 

Navigational searches are those where users are looking for a particular brand, product or service and tend to use the exact search term or phrase related to it. If you’re the only brand providing said product or service, optimization is rather simple and straightforward. The liberal use of that specific keyword or keyphrase repeatedly throughout titles, page descriptions, page content and anchor text to other internal pages will nearly ensure that you’ll be found on those terms in the future. Make sure that those brand related terms (for your products and services) are quite unique however as selecting a term or phrase shared by any other could result in diluting the efficacy of your efforts.

Transactional searches are those where users have a very specific intent (or at least a greater intent) to actually purchase something. These query types tend to include particular brand terms and include action words such as buy, purchase or order. Transactional and navigational searches are similar but the intent is often quite different. The complexity of optimizing for these type of terms is similar to that of navigational searches. 

So what types of keywords should you optimize your pages for? There’s no one single answer, but consider focusing almost exclusively on informational queries for the bulk of those pages where products and services are not actively being sold or marketed and let the conversion and landing pages developed for that exclusive purpose serve to satisfy the navigational and transactional queries.

In other words people search the internet for informational purposes. Understanding this we can then customize a campaign based on information queries that will result in potential customers finding your business by reading that specific article we wrote for you. For example. Let’s say you own a gym. Most companies will run adds on the internet that read something like “20 percent off all gym memberships for a limited time only”. Not very exciting, and only appeals to the person looking for a gym. That is one way to accomplish this but the person has to be searching for a gym to find this. The approach our company would take would be to write text, blogs and articles about “How to build bigger bicep muscles” or “How to lose 20 lbs in 60 days” and at the end of the article say this article compliments of  “XYZ Gym” with a link to your gym’s website. Get it? Since most people are searching for information, simply give the people what they want, and they appreciate you and your business for doing just that. They may not be looking to join a gym at the moment, just because they wish to lose weight, but we planted that seed in their mind when they read our article. When the time comes that want to join a gym and lose the weight you are in the forefront of their mind.

This is the only form of an advertising campaign that works every time. It takes a lot hard work and dedication to get done right. Our company creates anywhere from 25 to 50 blogs sites, Facebook pages, Twitter pages, Google plus pages, dedicated to only your business, and uses many more social media outlets all containing information along with branded and unbranded keywords that will appeal to your future customer. A person who was just browsing the internet for what everyone uses it for in the first place, information. 

Ray Anthony And Associates provides companies with a customized advertising solution that makes sense for your company to get the word out about your specific product or service by writing text and articles that will appeal to the same demographic as your customer. We have been doing this efficiently and effectively for more than 7 years and have samples of our work and many references available upon request.

Most major advertising companies charge upwards to $15,000 per month for this service and before now this was only available to large businesses with that type of adverting budget, but I have found a way to make this service affordable for mid sized companies as well. 

For more information on our services please email me at rayanthonyllc@gmail.com That’s right just a Gmail account and no fancy office or secretary. I work from my home office. I do the work myself along with one or two friends who are very experienced in SEM and SEO. That is how we make this affordable. Email me now for information and have your company found by millions on the internet today. We only take on a select few companies as clients at any one time, and the minimum commitment we will consider is four months. Therefore you may have to wait until we can start work on your campaign. So act now. Payment plans are also available. We accept all major credit cards and Paypal  Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Email me to discuss your advertising solution, custom made for your company’s product or service at rayanthonyllc@gmail.com and include a link to your website and the date you have in mind to begin your online advertising campaign. 
Best Regards,

Ray Anthony



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